Our red wines

Our vineyards are to be found along the Enza river, at the feet of its surrounding hills at an altitude of 150 meters. The earth is typically alluvial, rich in clay and limestone, with a high degree of gravel in its substrates, which provides excellent rain-water drainage. The proximity of the river and its hills creates a microclimate perfectly suited to the cultivation of grapes: significant thermal shifts between day and night, and constant breezes during the day.
The high levels of magnesium and limestone in the soil give our wines a noticeable bouquet, while the presence of so much clay gives the grapes high concentrations of sweetness and aroma. These characteristics are enhanced by the very low yields, obtained via significant potting and repeated thinning of the vines during veraison.
The management of our vineyard is 100% natural and biodynamic: we do not use weed-killers, pesticides, or chemical manure or procedures. Furthermore, we have also chosen not to use irrigated water at all.
The temperature in our cellars is constantly checked, and we do not carry out any filtrations; all the processes involved in the production of our wines are conducted without the use of additives or chemicals. The only exception is the addition of a limited quantity of sulphites. All the fermentation are natural and spontaneous, and we check and taste our wine and grape juices daily during both the fermentation and refining phases, to ensure that the wines are developing as they should.