Who we are

Above all, we are farmers and we work the land for a living, conscious of the fact that the richness that it offers must be preserved and passed on intact to the next generation. Making a living from such a job gives us enormous satisfaction. We consider the vineyard and wine production the most romantic way to feel part of an environment, a specific land and a history.

We set out on this adventure with the vital support of our wives Manuela and Alessandra, our friends Franco, Angelo, del "Conte", of Paolo, Carlo, Gamba, Ivan, Mari, Roberto, of our father Adelio who still helps us, and the new generation represented by Elia, Davide, Matteo and Anna, of bio-agronomists Stefano and Gianni, with the precious enological advice of Guido and our excellent technicians Carlo and Claudio.

Naturally, we cannot fail to mention those who wrote about us before they ever met us, and who continue to sell our products in Italy and abroad: Stefano Caffarri, Dan and Vita Lerner , Giuliana, Marco Brischetta, Massimo Crudeli, Paolo Tegoni, Donato, Marina Tiziana, Anthony La Monaca, Eric Muth, Rhona Cullinane, Alya Molokutsko and all those restaurant owners, wine cellar owners and connoisseurs who buy and love our wine each year.

Special thanks are due to our friends, photographers Antonio and Angelo and above all Marco Santi who so kindly allowed us to use his splendid pictures on this website.

Translation done by Itinere Business